Conference Room Magic

Twine for Slack is powerful video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and meeting management. Add Twine hardware for complete control of your conference room. No software, no cables, no headaches. Complete control right from Slack.

IT's dream come true. Kiss on-boarding and support calls goodbye. Twine seamlessly connects Slack to your conference room and makes joining calls and presentations simple and intuitive. If your team knows how to use Slack, they already know how to use Twine.


The Twine app gives your team enterprise video conferencing, wireless presentations, meeting scheduling, and room management.


Add the Twine hardware for magical control over your conference room right from Slack. Start calls, drive presentations, and manage in-room signage. Voice control coming soon!

Conference Room in a Box

Plug the Twine hardware into your TV or projector's HDMI port and you’re set. No hassle. Minimal setup. Secure.


What's in the box:

The Twine hardware subscription includes the "Twine Connect" hardware device (requires HDMI capable TV or display), one HD 1080p Webcam, one wireless speaker, and the Twine connection kit.


If you have questions, or need information on large-scale installations, contact us

Incredibly Smart Conferencing

Schedule a call with a customer or an entire Slack channel. No need to fuss with cables and software. Just tell Twine to start a meeting from your Slack app and your conference room is instantly connected.

Wireless Screen Sharing

Drag and drop any file into your Slack app and your content will magically appear on the big screen. Use the Slack mobile app as a remote control for your content.

Scheduling Magic

Meeting running over? CEO squatting in the room you booked? Just tell Twine to find you a new room and your meeting is instantly moved. Twine also integrates with Google calendar for intelligent scheduling.

Coming Soon -

Voice Control

Use Alexa to control your workspace.


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